A Journey to Autism Acceptance 2nd Edition

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Dr. Alisha Griffith

Being a Catalyst for CHANGE is not new to me....... As a compassionate, Educator, Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist for nearly two decades, (I believe that remaining focused and weathering through the storms of life with a positive mindset is the KEY.) I have worked in schools, homes, offices and in my own private practice, connecting with those with speech and hearing difficulties, and most importantly helping them to BELIEVE in themselves more and to (SHIFT) their self-talk to an inner dialogue of both gratitude and appreciation. I’m also an Autism Advocate which inspired me to create a program called So Smart kids, Inc.This program , helps children on the Autism Spectrum learn social skills, martial arts, and fitness. Additionally, I founded a non-profit organization called, SMART FIT FAM Inc.which help families with children on the spectrum learn more about wellness, fitness, and nutrition. In high school, I have always surrounded myself with high-achievers, realizing that "mediocre" was NOT an option. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY! My first major academic road block was a blessing in disguise because it made me reevaluate my childhood dream of being a medical doctor, which led to the to realization that it is also necessary to explore other options to truly choose my ideal path in life. Sometimes, it's not always what you "think"you should be but more where you "feel" you should be. Earning a Doctorate, while going through a divorce with a two month old baby, made me learn that we need SUPPORT from others and that DETERMINATION, CONSISTENCY, and COMMITMENT will help you through life's various obstacles. .....And these are only a FEW lessons I learned! There are so many more that I have learned professionally that can help YOU.